Quality Ingredients

All NorthFin™ formulas are made using Whole Antarctic Krill Meal, High DHA Omega-3 Herring Meal, Whole Sardine Meal and Whole Kelp as main ingredients.

Less Waste

Feeding a highly digestible all marine diet to your fish allows them to stay healthy, reach their full size and colour spectrum while producing less waste.

Professionally Formulated

NorthFin™ Formulas are well balanced and designed for a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater herbivore, omnivore and carnivore fish.

Why NorthFin™

Because your fish deserve better food! Free of Fillers, Artificial Pigments, no added Hormones, By-Products and low-grade ingredients that contain anti-nutritionals.

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I am a psychologist and my goal is to partner with you to enhance the quality of your life. Whether you are dealing with something specific or are seeking increased satisfaction and balance in life, I’m here to help.
About our


Production start
Market entry
NorthFin™ was founded and the project started on September 23, 2011 Toronto, Canada.
Production started on January 15, 2013 in Northfin’s own brand new facility located in Toronto, Canada.
Northfin™ entered the market introducing high quality fish food at the National Pet Industry show In Canada.
With highest quality NorthFin™ fish food expanded over the North America continent in the first 2 years.
NorthFin™ is currently sold in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, Philippines, China, India, Vietnam and Costa Rica

Currently produced

NorthFin™ Formulas

  • Cichlid
  • Veggie
  • Krill Gold
  • Community
  • Kelp Wafers
  • Jumbo
  • Fry Starter
  • Goldfish
  • Bug Pro
  • Soft Coral
  • Cichlid Flake
  • Betta Bits
  • Tropical Sticks
  • Arowana
  • Carnivore
  • Turtle Sticks
  • Marine
  • Koi Supreme
  • Super Betta
  • Krill Flake
  • Kelp Flake
  • Community Flake

Learn More About Our Advanced Formulas

Cichlid Formula

Cichlid Formula

NorthFin Cichlid Formula – professionally developed premium fish food to improve the health and well-being of your carnivorous and omnivorous...

Learn More
Veggie Formula

Veggie Formula

NorthFin Veggie Formula is professionally developed to improve the health and well-being of your fish, while naturally enhancing their brilliant...

Learn More
Krill Gold / Krill PRO (US)

Krill Gold / Krill PRO (US)

NorthFin’s Krill Gold Formula is a specialty item that offers 85% Whole Antarctic concentrated krill as it’s main ingredient. This is natural...

Learn More

NorthFin Gallery

  • Tropheus-Ilangi-copy
  • Ornatus-Gome-Show-copy
  • Nimbochromis-Livingstoni-copy
  • Mylochromis-lateristriga-Mchuze-copy
  • Nimbochromis-fuscotaeniatus--copy
  • Exochochromis-anagenys-yellow-copy
  • Aulonocara-stuartgranti-Ngara-psb-copy-2
  • Steveni eastern
  • Lwanda
  • 85
  • 84
  • 83
  • 82
  • 81
  • 80
  • 79
  • 78

For a fairly new company it is rapidly becoming one of the bestsellers on the market. I use all varieties to feed in the store fish as well
as my own at home. All natural, less filler than the more well known brands, makes it more value for your dollar. Fish are active, healthy, awesome colors. In my opinoin beats out full spectrum.

Lee Routhier, Owner Swimming Along

started using Northfin foods 7 months ago and all I can say is WOW. The fish go crazy as soon as it hits the water. Growth increase has been very noticeable and the colors have really popped since the switch. I am now using 4 of the formulas for all my 25 tanks and I have yet to find a fish or anything that rejects it. Cichlid for my cichlid tank and Syno petricolas. Community for all the livebearers, tetras, barbs and anything else in the tank. Marine for the marine tanks, and surprise of all surprises the Fu Man Chu lionfish loves this stuff. Never thought I would get him off live till he started eating the pellets meant for the clown. Lastly is the vegetable formula that I feed to all my shrimp and crayfish. Even the salt water urchins will eat it. I love this food and I and my fish are very pleased with the results of feeding Northfin has produced.

Frank Caputo, advanced hobbyist, breeder

I’ve been using your food as staple food for 12 weeks now ( krill and cichlid pellets, and kelp wafers ),and can’t say enough good words about it!
From outstanding color in my fish with feeding less food and the fish getting more protein and nutrients out of the food, which in turn equal cleaner water parameters,
Can’t wait for the gel foods to come in!

Shawn Noble, fish keeper and breeder for over 15 years!
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