Jim Cumming’s Scheduled Presentations for 2020

February 23 Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society-Cincinnati, OH USA
March 6 Ohio Cichlid Association-Middleburg Heights, OH USA
March 14th Durham Regional Aquarium Society-Whitby, ON Canada CANCELLED
April 5 COAST Fish Club-Los Angeles, CA USA CANCELLED
April 18-19 Aquarium Club of Edmonton-Edmonton, AB Canada CANCELLED
April 27 Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society, Ottawa, ON Canada CANCELLED
August 21-23 Greater Austin Aquarium Society-Austin TX USA
September 15 Tropical Fish Club of Erie County
September 19 North Jersey Aquarium Society
September 21 Lehigh Valley Aquarium Society
October 4-6 French Cichlid Convention
October 10 Lausanne, Switzerland
November 3 Perth, Australia
November 7 Sydney, Australia
November 13 Melbourne, Australia
November 14-15 Brisbane, Australia


We will add more details on the above scheduled presentations by Jim as we receive them. Thank you for your interest!

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